Event Information

HFH Productions, in association with James Baldwin and Andrew Dawson, presents ...If We've Never Been To The Moon? 

Join one man's quest in search of hope, sanity and his 250 quid! “Why do we crave truths and untruths? Why do some people deny the Moon Landings? Why did that bloke not share the You've Been Framed cash? I want my money!” Journey with Noel on an adventure to the Moon and back fuelled by karaoke, gaming and love. In a battle between a curious brain and a web of conspiracy theories, can a path of confusion and sadness become one of clarity and joy? 

This uplifting show will put a smile on your face, a spark in your mind, a song in your heart and stars in your eyes. An 80s sing-along soundtrack with a little substance abuse - what’s not to love?! 

"Thought provoking, nerdy and retro. Perfect combo! One of the best productions I've seen all year!" Greg Foot, BBC Radio 4. 

There will be a post-show discussion with the company, featuring filmed interviews with researchers from Westminster University, about mental health, substance abuse and cognitive development. 

The show integrates creative captions for D/deaf and hearing impaired audience members.There are some sections of strobe lighting

Originally produced and presented by The Marlowe, Canterbury and presented with their ongoing support

Photo Credit: Michael Wharley