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Learn quick and easy ways to repair, alter or customise old and tired clothes on this one day course.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for adults aged 18+ years. It is open to beginners. To complete this course, you must have some sewing experience.

The course is accessible for people with disabilities who can undertake practical sewing activities including operating a sewing machine. A support worker or a carer may assist. Carers must book a complimentary ticket if attending a course to provide support. The room is wheelchair accessible. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation and needs.

What will you learn on this course?

This course will teach you to repair, alter or customise old and tired clothes on this one day course. Learn basic sewing skills and different decorative techniques to update and revitalise your clothes, such as adding buttons and zips or using applique patches and fabric painted stencils to update your clothing. These techniques can also be applied to blankets and homewares.

The tutor will give step by step demonstrations about the variety of techniques that can be used to repair or change the look of the existing garments and you will be encouraged to sew that individual step alone with additional support as required. You will then work on your own individual pieces of clothing to mend or decorate. The course covers the following skills:

Updating and mending old clothes to give them a new life

Applying new pieces of fabric manipulation details to existing garments

Using sewing equipment safely

Precision and accuracy when sewing

Creating unique pieces

Developing hand and machine sewing skills

On completion of this course you can expect to have a piece(s) of mended or decorated clothing for you to wear. You should feel more confident about using sewing techniques to customise your clothes.

Do you need to bring anything?

A selection of essential sewing equipment will be provided.

You must bring any old clothes or any clothing pieces in need of repair, a selection of fabric remnants (small or large amounts), trimmings and decorations (e.g. ribbons, patches, badges, buttons, decorative sewing tapes, beads, sequins, feathers, applique motifs, braids, pom poms or flowers, etc).

We encourage you to bring your own sewing kit consisting of hand sewing needles, thread, tape measure, stitch ripper, pins, scissors (large and small), pens, pencils, ruler, tailors chalk, fabric pens / paint.

If you own a sewing machine and prefer to use it you can have it PAT tested for a cost of £5 and bring it in to use during class. Please pay at Sales and Information prior to your course and testing will take place at the start of the first class.

Are there any additional costs?

Items listed above that you do not already have must be provided at your own expense. An indication of the cost of these items is given below. These items can be purchased from fabric and haberdashery stores, Birmingham Rag market and large supermarkets etc. Please contact us for more information.

Folder: £1.00-£3.00

Fabric Remnants: 50p-£2.00

Trimmings: 50p-£3.00


Hand sewing needles: £1.00

Thread: 60p-£1.00

Tape measure: £1.00-£1.50

Stitch ripper: £1.00-£1.50

Pins: £1.00

Tailors chalk: £1.00-£3.00

Scissors (Paper and Fabric-large and small): £1.00-£3.00

Pens/ pencils: £1.00

Fabric pens/ paints: £5.00-£10.00

Who teaches this course?

Sian Riley

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