Event Information

Learn basic techniques, including soldering, saw piercing and filing and make jewellery from your own designs.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for adults aged 18+. This is a 2 day beginner’s course with no need to have any jewellery making experience to attend. You are welcome to attend this course if you have some previous experience such as making beaded jewellery or some other basic procedures and would like to develop your skills further and learn some new techniques with the tutor’s support and guidance.

The course is accessible for adults of all abilities but requires a high level of manual dexterity and tool handling. The studio is wheelchair accessible. Please enquire to discuss your specific needs.

What will you learn on this course?

On this course you will learn the skills necessary to design and make your own unique pieces of jewellery. The materials used are copper, brass, gilding metal and sterling silver. You will be taught a range of traditional jewellery making skills and techniques including:

Sawing and cutting out metals

soldering to join metals

polishing and buffing


casting techniques

vitreous enamelling

finishing processes

Our fully equipped studio has work benches, a soldering hearth and torch, enamelling kiln, etching solutions, polishing motor and various hand tools which the tutor will teach you to use safely and correctly.

On completing the course you will have gained confidence in basic bench skills, developed your fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, and have a piece of jewellery you have designed and made to wear or to give to friends and family.

Do you need to bring anything?

All tools and equipment are provided. However you will need to purchase materials for the jewellery you wish to make as below.

Are there any additional costs?

There are additional costs for materials such as base metals, sterling silver, solder, saw blades and findings. These can be purchased from mac individually or in packs e.g.

Jewellery Starter Pack - £8.50 (2x copper sheets, 2x brass sheets, 2x wet & dry paper, 2M copper wire, 12x saw blades)

Silver - £1.30 per gram

0.9mm Copper Sheet 6”x3” - £2.10

Saw blades (x12) - £2.60

Wet & Dry Paper - £1.10 per sheet

Who teaches this course?

Nick Greenhough