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A story of a little girl’s encounter with a very cheeky Jinn.

We’re in Bradford. It’s been a few months since Jabala’s beloved Mum died. Dad is a brilliant father, but it’s an effort to get to school on time every day.

One morning, when she says goodbye to her house as usual, Jabala hears a voice replying to her in Arabic. But no one’s there. Could it be Mum? Has she imagined it?

With the help of a ‘Refugee Boy’ at school, a Shakespeare enthusiast called Munir, she summons... a Jinn. But this is no ordinary ‘Jinn’, as told in grandma’s stories and Jabala is in for a surprise.

As the day of Eid approaches, events take a drastic turn and Jabala is forced to make some difficult decisions. Will things come together in time for the celebration?

Using physical theatre, original music and vivid design, this new play by award winning writer Asif Khan is a funny and endearing story for the whole family.

Jabala and the Jinn Written by Asif Khan Produced by AIK Productions and Turtle Key Arts.

"I want to share my culture and experiences. We don’t see much theatre about British Muslims, particularly for this age group (5-12 years). I know growing up I didn’t have that and we underestimate how important that is to children" Asif Khan – Writer

The development of the play has been supported by Stratford Circus, Kala Sangam & The AMAL Foundation.

Asif Khan's well-written play draws the audience in with this charming adventurous tale, both children and adults alike will be captivated by this heart-warming story.

West End Best Friend

A beautiful reminder of the power of live performance. This production had me hooked from the get-go. I loved it.

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