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Jane English: 20B 

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  • Duration75
  • Price12 - 14
  • Age-

Fri 17 Feb | 8.30pm | Tickets £14 (£12) | Foyle Studio | All ages

Produced in association with mac birmingham

20B unearths the stories of a demolished building on a council estate in East London. In an attempt to relocate her sense of home, Jane goes on a mission to find and reconnect with her former neighbours, to document their memories, and make a record of the community which was scattered by regeneration.

Part auto-biography, part oral history, 20B is a moving exploration of what home and community really mean and how it feels when these things are lost. With warmth and humour, Jane uncovers the narratives of the city, from post-war slum clearance to Olympic-era gentrification.

Image credit: Ayesha Jones

“Our homes are in the progress of a regeneration and I can see how my children may feel when the time comes.”

Audience member

“Thought it was incredibly well researched – both the historical & the personal. Gripping, heart-breaking and made me angry!”

Audience member

“Perfect timing – humorous, informative, moving, thought-provoking, heart-warming.”

Audience member

“I felt moved and quite emotional. I feel very affected by the ‘regeneration’ and developments in my area and the housing situation in the city I grew up in.”

Audience member

“Heartfelt & critical commentary on growing up on an estate. The good, the bad, the ugly.”

Audience member

“The whole thing felt like a huge detective story! It’s one of the strongest solo shows I’ve seen in ages. I was moved to tears, to laughter and to anger. A really important piece of theatre.”

Audience member

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