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Passion. Betrayal. Harold Wilson. Character comedian Kieran Hodgson returns with the epic and surprising tale of how Britain joined Europe in the first place.

On a deeply personal quest for understanding, Kieran perfects a series of obsolete impressions and discovers that the 70s were about more than just TISWAS, the colour brown and the words ‘Let’s go on strike again’.

Three-time Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee, Star of Radio 4’s Earworms and Lance, and as seen regularly on BBC2’s Two Doors Down, Upstart Crow and Dad’s Army: We’re Doomed

A terrific show

The Guardian

There’s a delicious perfectionism here to the writing, structure and delivery that puts most other shows to shame

The Telegraph

Ravishingly entertaining, informative, full of insight and plenty of laughs

The Times

Incredibly dense in laughs…it’s not half as niche as it sounds, and ten times funnier