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This course will help you to find your voice in a solo setting and project it with confidence, whether you feel you can’t sing or you're an established singer who wants to improve or gain confidence. No former musical knowledge is required.

If you are interested in group singing instead of/as well as solo singing, please see the Let Us Sing Group Class page.

What will you learn on this course?

The average session will include a group vocal warm up, performing and discussing solo songs through either lyrics or sheet music, a short break to chat to your fellow Let Us Sing members, a musical game to work on coordination and/or aural skills and work on a group song number.

This course is designed to improve your vocal technique through: vocal exercises and warm ups; musical technique; aural perception/listening skills; as well as skills in pitch, diction and voice care. There is emphasis on solo performance technique looking at self-awareness and greater awareness of the audience.

Sessions mostly focus on individual solo song work with a small amount of group singing. At the end of each term, participants choose solo pieces to perform at the Let Us Sing Showcase, performing alongside the Let Us Sing Group Class.

The solo musical content is decided by the students, with some group songs chosen by the teacher embracing a broad range of musical genres and styles.

Through this course attendees further develop their confidence, technical vocal skills as well as learn to care for their voice.

Who is this course for?

This course is open to adults aged 18 + for beginner, improver or advanced singers with no need of prior formal musical knowledge or skills. Open to anyone who wants to sing solo, to improve vocal technique and gain confidence.

The course is accessible for people with disabilities. It may be less accessible for those with hearing difficulties or disabilities. Students can be accompanied by their own carer or support worker and the room is wheelchair accessible. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation and needs.

Do you need to bring anything?

Sheet music and/or lyrics sheets and backing tracks on a USB stick for any self-selected solo pieces. Please bring your own folder to collect all the course printed music sheets in.

Are there any additional costs?

A USB stick with your chosen backing tracks.

Sheet music or lyrics sheets for your solo songs.

Folder for keeping music sheets in.

Who teaches this course?

Roxanne Korda

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Dates & Times

    Let us Sing Solo Class (PE91 Spring)