Event Information

The musical legacy of the late, great Congolese Rumba singer Tabu Ley Rochereau is respectfully carried on by a stellar line-up of his musicians.

L'Orchestre Afrisa International have preserved the memories of their leader by performing his repertoire impeccably.

Originally formed in 1970 out of the ashes of African Fiesta National the group loyally backed both Tabu Ley and his female protege Mbilia Bel - the Grand Dame of Congolese music-through their finest moments. 

Under the direction of saxophonist, Modero Mekanisi a lineup of 12-15 musicians will perform some of the most memorable songs from the Rumba era. Many of those songs have been re-recorded on the group's excellent 2017 CD release Melanie released on Colomotion Records.

The group's UK tour will see Modero leading a full horn section with his classy saxophone playing. Vocalists Miss Mbilia Bel, Wawali Bonane et al will recreate the harmonies that the group have always been known for; and ace guitarists Huit Kilos, Dino Vangu, Caen Madoka, et al with legendary bass player Ngouma Lokito will ensure that all Rumba and Soukous lovers will be on their feet dancing.

L’Orchestre Afrisa International célèbre la musique de Tabu Ley Rochereau & Afrisa International!