Event Information

Your free fun events programme celebrating MAC Artist Tutors

Join us in the First Floor Gallery for a series of free drop in performances and events showcasing the skills of our Artist Tutors:

Saturday 18 May: Performance, Serge Sanghera, 2.15pm – 2.35pm

A unique performance involving Aikido techniques combined with sword work and ‘striking’ newly made ceramic vessels to leave a trace of the sword movement - not to be missed!

May Half Term drop in activities, 2pm – 3pm (unless otherwise stated), First Floor Gallery

Saturday 25 May: Catherine Jones

Come and play with LEDs.  During this drop in learn how to program simple flashing LEDs, experiment with colour changing NeoPixel LEDs and code messages using Persistence of Vision (POV) boards.

Sunday 26 May: Helen Lane, 2pm – 4pm

Learn how to re-use old fabrics via patching, repairing, or darning fabric with simple stitching. Bring your own item of clothing to repair or make a simple patch from our material scraps.

Monday 27 May: Jo Feldwick

Get crafty with paper - make colourful paper designs and transform them into pop-up shapes.

Tuesday 28 May: Ildiko Nagy

Come and see our grand analogue loom and have a go at adding a woven section yourself!

Wednesday 29 May: Reel Access                                                                                                

Join Reel Access to explore elements of the film-making process including; ideas creation, story boarding and stop-frame animation. This is a chance to meet the team behind the Young Filmmakers Club that meets at MAC every Wednesday during term time.

Thursday 30 May: Milan Topalovic

Creative Lego™ fun! Build a space rocket to fly to the moon! Remember to build in supplies and entertainment - it can get eerie on the dark side of the moon...!

Friday 31 May: Ilias Lintzos

Turn your family and friends into a drum ensemble and get the beat going! Make some noise, learn to keep time and experience playing percussion instruments from around the world.

Saturday 1 June:  Saranjit Birdi, 2pm – 4.30pm

Saranjit Birdi offers you a chance to 'nokyorsoxoff' and explore different ways of drawing and mark-making, including using your feet!

Saturday 8June: Performance, Simon Hunt, 2pm – 4pm

Immerse yourself in a live yoga practice as it blends itself into the exhibition space. An individual, meditative and hiding in plain sight, will question you with a paradoxical sequence of movements and mindful anecdotes. Bear witness, breathe deeply and allow your curiosity to take hold.