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TDE Promotions & Fizzle: Mike Fletcher's Picasso 

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Thu 8 Jun | 8.15pm | Tickets £10 (£8) | Hexagon | All ages

Plus pre-show Q&A with Tony Dudley-Evans

Inspired by Pablo Picasso's variations on Velazquez's picture Las Meninas and Coleman Hawkins' solo sax recording Picasso, Mike Fletcher presents his own solo saxophone concert.

Find out more about Mike Fletcher on his website, Facebook and Twitter.

"Suppose (I) were to make a copy of Las Meninas…Almost certainly I would be tempted to modify the light or arrange it differently…. Gradually I would create a painting…(that)…would not be Velazquez’s picture; it would be my Las Meninas."

Pablo Picasso

’In the second half of 1957, Pablo Picasso began a 6-month creative examination of a Velazquez masterpiece, which resulted in the series of 58 paintings that comprise his own Las Meninas. This collection is a seminal exploration of artistic originality, what Ortega called ‘the clash of the individual sensibility and already existing art.’

My work Picasso(s) uses the ‘clash’ concept to explore the thresholds between originality/imitation and composition/improvisation within my own creative practice. I have combined elements of Picasso’s Las Meninas and Coleman Hawkins’ 1948 solo recording Picasso to form my own series of 58 pieces - for solo saxophone - that allow me to explore two facets of originality; firstly as it relates to existing art and secondly, its impact on my activity as both composer and performer/improviser of new music.

In this multi modal presentation I will combine verbal and musical discourse to outline the creative process of my Las Meninas.

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