Event Information

Thu 24 January & Thu 25 April | 11.30am - 1pm | 4 weeks | £54 / £27 (Additional person) | All Levels | 4 - 5 yrs + PG

Mini Potters is a fun and stimulating new course for you and your mini one. It is a great opportunity to capture precious memories and create pottery to be treasured.

Who is this course for?

Mini Potters is an exciting new course aimed to encourage natural curiosity for you and your child's creative journey through exploration and discovery of clay media.

This course is perfect for both parent and child to experiment with the tactile and sensory properties of clay and each week you and your child will create a well crafted ceramic outcome to keep. The course is also an opportunity to discover both the relationship between you and your child and help inspire your child's imagination and nurture their creativity. Our educational ceramic sessions help to engage your child's development, so they can join in at a rate and pace that suits them.

What will you learn on this course?

This course introduces a variety of pottery activities to help promote creative play in a relaxed, safe and stimulating environment. You and your child will investigate different pottery techniques to challenge and encourage all senses. Outcomes will be sometimes structured and also open ended in order to foster different styles of learning.

Through creative participation, both parent and child will learn about interacting within a group and helping their child develop social skills, encourage confidence building, fine motor skills, auditory and visual development. Also participants will have an informed knowledge of the ceramic medium and what it can do. Ceramic outcomes are encouraged to be of a high quality and everything is glazed and fired and returned by the end of the course.

Do you need to bring anything?

Aprons and wipes are provided for participants. Your children should be dressed for messy play and a change of clothes would be advisable. All clay materials and visual resources are provided.

Are there any additional costs?

There are no additional costs.

Who teaches the course?

Olga Terry

Dates & Times

    Mini Potters