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In space, no one can hear your tummy rumble. And on a trip lasting 102 hours, you’re bound to get a little bit peckish.

Inspired by Neil Armstrong’s actual in-flight menu, we’re teaming up with gastronomartist Kaye Winwood to create a delectable dining experience that is truly out of this world. Sample some unique tastes, scents and sensations based on the authentic dishes and drinks which powered Armstrong’s giant leap for mankind, and get a flavour of space travel from the comfort of your very own seat at the Commander’s table.

Rocket Fuel is a 90-minute edible adventure in which our guests will join us for an 8-course theatrical dining experience, taking them to the Moon and back again without leaving the comfort of their seats.

Guided by our trusty Flight Director, the performance compresses the Apollo 11 mission into a single spectacular event — combining surround sound, projection and live cameras — leading guests all the way from the tense build-up on launch day right through to the celebration parades on the crew’s triumphant return.

At each stage of the astronauts’ journey, guests will be treated to exciting things to eat and drink, inspired by Neil Armstrong’s actual in-flight meal plan and by the dramatic events of the mission itself.

We begin with a pre-blast-off briefing breakfast accompanied by a special cocktail (or mocktail!), followed by more substantial starters and mains during the journey through space. There’s a delicious dessert to coincide with Neil and Buzz’s Moonwalk and a signature drink to capture the moment of splashdown when the crew come back home. After a quick visit to quarantine for a tasty palate cleanser, there’s one final Moon-inspired morsel to round off the whole experience in style.

After the performance, guests will also have the chance to buy a range of cosmic cocktails from our pop-up space bar as well as the opportunity to snap a stellar selfie with the astronauts.

Rocket Fuel is suitable for vegetarians. Please note that, due to complexity of the event, we cannot accommodate food allergies and intolerances but will try and adapt the menu accordingly with advance notice (at least 2 weeks before the performance). To discuss your requirements, or for more information, contact the Rocket Fuel team at epicentre@little-earthquake.com

The matinee performance of Rocket Fuel will be specially adapted to be family-friendly. 

Age recommendations: 

Fri 19 July (8pm): ages 16+

Sat 20 July (2.30pm): ages 7+

Sat 20 July (8pm): ages 16+