Event Information

Fri 19 – Sun 21 July | 11am – 8pm | Hexagon Theatre | FREE

Get six famous artists to make six new works of art. Shrink them together onto a tile the size of a micro SIM card. Sneak it onto a rocket. Land it on the Moon. And leave it there.

That’s exactly what happened in 1969, or so the story goes. This tiny Moon Museum was the world’s first piece of Space Art. And it’s time for history to repeat itself.

Community groups across the city are collaborating with Birmingham-based artist Deniz Sˆzen to create six brand new pieces of art inspired by the Moon landing — and we’ll bring them together to create our very own Moon Museum for 2019.

Come and view this teeny tiny treasure through our special Moon Magnifier, and discover the story behind each of the six mini-masterpieces. Oh, and we’re working on getting it to the Moon — we promise! 

Join us for a conversation about the creation of Moon Museum and Moon Memories with artists Deniz Sözen and Rochi Rampal.