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Motionhouse: Broken 

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Tue 9 & Wed 10 Feb | 8pm | Tickets £22 (£17.50) | Theatre | Age 6+

Broken erupts onto the stage in an adrenaline filled multi-media spectacle. This awe-inspiring show has something for everyone. Athletic contact work, spectacular acrobatics and a gripping narrative combine with a revolutionary set design, an amazing musical soundtrack and digital imagery that melds with the performers as they move. Broken is guaranteed to wow audiences of all ages.

Broken examines our precarious relationship with the earth. Hanging in suspense and scrambling to safety, the dancers negotiate the cracks and craters of this world of illusions where nothing is quite as it seems.

Fast-paced, gripping, moving and exhilarating, Broken will take audiences on a journey into the earth, as they have never seen it before… This exciting and thrilling show is a great family night out not to be missed!  

The narrative element of Broken makes the show highly accessible and is ideal for families and school groups. It is a must-see for dance and theatre students, but also for pupils interested in art, digital imagery, motion graphics, graphic design and physical education.

Feedback from young audience members is that it's inspiring, exciting and thought-provoking.

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“High impact doesn't even begin to describe its mix of athletic movement, thunderous soundtrack, searing music and a digital film background so clever and deceiving that it absorbs the dancers into its imagery." 

The Stage

“With a cast of super-athletic dancers, as dextrous in the air with ropes as they are powerful on the floor, this is a company that has long cornered the high-impact end of the dance market.”

The Guardian

"There’s a definite circus-style slant to the gut busting choreography devised by Finnan and his ensemble…a remarkably strong, acrobatic sextet endowed with an admirable go for broke stamina."

The Times

“…hats off to what Motionhouse achieve in Broken, a mix of dance, video and circus.”

The Guardian

“I found myself gasping during Broken. Women lifting men, tiptoeing figures, violent actions transformed by the choreography into acts of grace, human struggle performed through intricate collaborations… performance art at its very finest.” 

The Daily Telegraph

“The fierce, fearless performers portray roots breaking rocks, and dive horizontally through a fiery backcloth like eruptions of lava, while a cave woman is spooked by shadowy figures and stalked by a giant on stilts, like some primal fear.”

The Guardian

About Broken...

Created by Artistic Director Kevin Finnan MBE with set design by long-term collaborator Simon Dormon, projections courtesy of international digital innovators Logela Multimedia, costumes designed and created by Sofie Layton and Deborah Williams and original music created by Sophy Smith and Tim Dickinson.

Broken was created with support from:

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