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A unique cinematic and musical collaboration between the renowned Australian Chamber Orchestra and BAFTA®-nominated director Jennifer Peedom. A juxtaposition of image and music to explore the powerful force that mountains hold over the imagination of so many narrated by the Academy Award®-nominated actor Willem Dafoe. Explore the spellbinding force of high places from Antarctica to Hawaii and their ongoing power to shape our lives and our dreams.

PG (74 mins)

Director: Jennifer Peedom

Cast: Willem Dafoe (voice)

English | 2017 

Durnham's Drizzle | Mon 15 Jan, 2pm 

A pessimistic couple have forgotten the beauty of the outside world...

Fruit | Thu 18 Jan, 8.30pm 

A creature bites into a strange fruit and experiences a high that can't be sustained. Journeying out of the primordial darkness the creature revels in new sensations until self-expression turns to self-consciousness.