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Free, booking required | 11am and 2pm | Foyle Studio

Half Moon presents Party a quirky birthday party to remember for 2 years upwards. 

Afonso wants to go to his best friend’s birthday party, but where is his invitation - has it been lost in the post, or maybe he wasn’t even invited? When it finally arrives the excitement and nerves become too much to handle. What should he wear? Will they have balloons? Will anyone play with him? And what about the cake? 

Party features striking, colourful designs and exuberant physicality set to the beats of a glorious Fado inspired contemporary soundtrack. Let the warmth of a Portuguese summer take you to a place where difference is something to celebrate. 

Half Moon is the UK’s leading small-scale young people’s venue and touring company.

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Image credit: Simon Russell

Captivating, lively and wholesome. I can’t fault it. After a year of this “new normality” and daily bad tidings, it’s hard to put a grin on my face for a solid half-hour. Party did, and I’m thirty years old. I can only imagine how happy it will make its intended viewers.

A Younger Theatre on the digital production

A funny, anarchic play that will capture the interest and imagination of children…. [Party] wowed the kids and kept them all gripped...the magical grand finale had every child in the room screaming with joy.

Everything Theatre on the live production

Event part of No Outsiders Family Festival 2022. See all events here.

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