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  • Director-
  • Rating-
  • Film genresDocumentary
  • Duration185
  • Released1965
  • Film Cast-

Rating tbc (20 min)
Director: Alan Schneider
Cast | Buster Keaton, Neil Harrison, James Karen
English | 1965

In 1965, lauded playwright and future Nobel Laureate Samuel Beckett collaborated with silent film star Buster Keaton and director Alan Schneider to make his one and only film, in which ‘O’ (Keaton) attempts to evade observation by an all-seeing eye. Complex, strange and almost totally silent, Beckett’s foray into cinema is a philosophical chase film and a profoundly mysterious cinematic document.

PG (130 min)
Director: Ross Lipman
English | 1965

In this extensive cinematic essay, Ross Lipman explores the literary, cinematic and personal history surrounding the production of lauded playwright Samuel Beckett’s Film, starring Buster Keaton. Beckett himself considered Film a failure, while Keaton was forever mystified by the whole project. But Lipman remains fascinated by it. Drawing upon his experiences at the UCLA Film & Television Archive, Lipman explores Beckett’s ideas and their genesis. Including interviews with Haskell Wexler and Beckett’s friend, producer and publisher Barney Rosset, this fascinating documentary responds to Beckett’s highly original short film with passion, curiosity and intellectual rigour.