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Pilates Beginners  

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  • TutorSam McBride
  • Price-
  • Age18+
  • LevelBeginners

Tues 17 Apr, 18:15 – 19:10| 12 wk Term £79 (£72) | Beginners Level | Age 18+

Learn the technique of Pilates which combines strength, stretching, breathing and balance to focus upon developing flexibility and posture.

Who is this course for?
This course is for adults aged 18+ years. It is suitable for beginners and you don’t need any previous experience of Pilates.

The course may be accessible for people with disabilities. You must be able to lie down on a mat on your front and back. Students can be accompanied by their own carer or support worker. Carers must book a complimentary ticket if attending a course to provide support. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation and needs.

If you suffer from a medical condition we recommend that you take advice from your doctor before doing any physical exercise. All students should inform the tutor of any ongoing health problems or injuries.

What will you learn on this course?
Pilates is a total mind and body conditioning method suitable for everyone regardless of age and fitness level.

On this course you will learn a series of mat based Pilates exercises designed to core strength, flexibility and control with a mindful relaxed approach. These exercises will cover the 8 basic principles of Pilates in a detailed manner. Alignment, Breathing, Core strength, Co-ordination, Concentration, Flowing Movements, Stamina and Relaxation. The pace of the class will be slow and steady.

Muscular imbalances or the way in which we move can lead to pain and injury. By targeting the deep abdominal and spinal muscles, Pilates aims to improve the overall core stability and posture and correct the muscle imbalances through exercise.

Pilates can make you look and feel better. It relieves stress and tension and promotes a feeling of well-being while expanding body awareness. You can expect to develop better posture and muscle tone.

These classes are delivered in a warm friendly way aimed at educating you about your bodies and gradually introducing new exercises as the course progresses.

Do you need to bring anything?
Please bring water and wear comfortable clothes to move in preferably tight fitting so that the instructor can correct where appropriate. This class will be taken in bare feet.

You must bring your own Pilates mat and you may like to bring a small cushion or towel to act as a head support. The additional equipment listed below would also be very beneficial and allow you to get much more out of your Pilates workout.

  • Medium – Pilates Band for muscle toning and stretching approx. £3.99
  • 22cm diameter Soft Ball – inflatable Pilates ball approx. £3.99
  • Pilates Head Block – to raise the head in reclining postures for correct alignment approx. £2.49
  • All items are available from online retailers. Please contact us for more information.
  • Are there any additional costs?
  • A Pilates mat (approx. £15) along with any of the optional equipment listed above must be provided at your own expense.

Who teaches this course?
Ruth Jacombs