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Play Drums  

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  • TutorIlias Lintzos
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  • LevelAll Levels

Sat 21 Apr, 10.30am - 3pm | 12 wk Term £161 (£145) | All Levels | Age 4 - Adult

Learn to play the drum kit so you can join a band, pass an exam or simply play for pleasure. Note: These are individual 30 min sessions with the tutor. You will receive 25 mins teaching and the remaining time for arrival and pack up. The tutor teaches back-to-back sessions, students should arrive 5 mins before their lesson starts and late comers will lose lesson time. If the tutor is running more than 5 mins late make up time will be offered on another occasion. 

Who is this course for? 
This course is open to both children aged 4+ and adult learners and students of all levels. It is suitable for complete beginners with no previous drum playing experience and improvers who may have had lessons elsewhere or haven’t played for a while. The course may be accessible for people with disabilities providing you are physically able. Playing drum kit requires sitting on a stool and using both hands and both feet. Students can be accompanied by their own carer or support worker. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation and needs. Children who are very small may have difficulty playing the full drum kit. 

What will you learn on this course? 
On this course you will learn to play the drum kit with a focus on rock and pop music styles. Each one-to-one lesson will include learning drum rudiments such as drum strokes, rolls, paradiddles flams etc. and exercises incorporating the different instruments that make up the kit. You will learn on a full drum kit including snare and bass drums, tom toms, cymbals and hi-hats. As you progress you will learn more advanced rhythms including syncopation and drum fills. You will also be taught how to read drum kit notation. The tutor generally follows the Rock School syllabus and preparation for music exams will be offered if students are interested in obtaining these qualifications. Students can expect to learn to play drum kit to performance standard and develop their musicianship and technical skills alongside an enjoyment in making music. In order to progress students must be prepared to practice between lessons and need access to an instrument to do so. Where cost or noise is an issue we recommend drum kit practice pads. 

Do you need to bring anything? 
You need to bring your own drumsticks and music books as advised by the tutor. 

Are there any additional costs? 
You must purchase all music books recommended by the tutor. These can easily be ordered online or from music shops and will cost in the region of £5.00 each. You must provide your own drumsticks that can be easily ordered on line or purchased from music shops. Students must have access to a drum kit or equivalent practice kit for individual practice. Practice pads can be a cost effective and quieter alternative to a full drum kit for beginners. Please contact us for more information on buying a drum kit. 

Who teaches this course? 
Ilias Lintzos