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Lying Lips Theatre Company presents QUIETUS: The Death of Her

‘Being born was so humiliating… No one asks to be born. No one asks to be born into this life and then poof! You’re here. And life becomes a waiting game...Until you die.’

HER is on her deathbed wearing all the jewellery she owes, and begins to reminisce on her very privileged life that she has ‘not lived at all’. 

Alone and bitter she stares at the clouds with her ‘Breath’ as loyal as ever by her side until ‘IT’ finally comes.

Quietus- the death of her is a farce that explores life and death. Come and laugh and regret with us all at the same time.

Written by four and five star critically acclaimed writer Nathalie Bazan. Starring: Shady Murphy, Angus Villiers-Stuart, Ariya Larker, Nikki Jackson-Hicks and Arieta Visoka.