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On Sunday 15 March from 11am-4pm, MAC will be "Relaxing the building" to improve experiences for our visitors with Autistic Spectrum conditions, sensory, motor and communication disorders and learning disabilities.

Throughout the day, we'll provide sensory and break-out spaces, reduce the use of fluorescent lighting and screens and offer noise-cancelling headphones for free hire. Guests are invited to enjoy our programme of Relaxed arts-related activities, including Relaxed cinema screenings and drop-in workshops.

What are Relaxed Events?

Relaxed Events are designed to meet the needs of people who may benefit a more adapted environment, such as visitors with Autistic Spectrum conditions and their families.

In a cinema or theatre setting, this might mean leaving the main lights on and reducing the volume. A comfortable environment is created to ensure visitors feel welcome to come and go as they please and remain inside should they need to make noises or move involuntarily. Break-out spaces are also provided for those requiring some downtime.

Help us to Relax our Building

MAC is currently trialling ways to make our venue more Relaxed and accessible for everyone. With your help, we’d like to do this more regularly.

Those joining us on our day of Relaxing the Building are welcome to send us feedback. Please email lucy.rix@macbirmingham.co.uk if you have any comments on on how we can continue to develop our venue as an inclusive environment.

Join the conversation: #RelaxedMAC

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Dates & Times

  • Sun 15 March