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A Crip Body of Water (pacing is vital for energy flows), Rowena Harris, 2023

Join us for an online screening of Rowena Harris' film, created for the Watershed exhibition. 

This film is available to watch for free on 14 - 15 October (no password required).

A Crip Body of Water (pacing is vital for energy flows) has been developed and produced as part of Rowena’s two part residency hosted by MAC and Elan Links.

The work is inspired by the water and energy management system of Elan Valley in relation to life altering fatigue. It is spoken from the position of water, in combined Welsh and English language, and takes inspiration from pacing practices for fatigue and radical habitation of space and time living with fatigue creates. It’s aims are to re-narrativise this landscape for sick, crip and disabled bodies that are often excluded.

There is a partnering audio work, conceived to be listened within a fatigue-accessible route at Elan Valley, Wales. The audio guide can be found in English and Welsh.

Find more information about the project.

Access notes: The work employs closed captions, there is transcript available to download below.

There are two voices and no other sound – female sounding speaks Welsh language, male sounding speaks English language with a lightweight midlands lilt.

Commissioned by MAC and Elan Links

English Voice Artist – Jack Trow

Welsh Voice Artist – Sam Frankie Fox

Translation to Welsh – Delyth Huw Thomas

Sound Engineer – Christopher Lee

Hydroturbine Model – Luspenzia

Camera, Script, CGAnimation, Editing – Rowena Harris

with thanks to Long Covid Wales