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QueeЯevolutions is a short film by Ahmad BaBa that rethinks queerness as a colonising tool, shaped by its Western, mainstream vision. Ahmad investigates often misinterpreted queer identities from SWANA region (South-West Asia and North Africa), disrupting notion of singular and one-dimensional queerness. It´s about questions like: When do we get a chance to investigate and express our queerness in our own way? How can we develop a language to speak about our complex identities? Why do we identify with a supposed „Pride“ that we haven’t achieved ourselves? These and other questions were raised by the participating artists, who each seek in different ways within their practices to revolt against the normalising process of a one-dimensional „queerness“, looking for ways to express, explore, and share unheard voices and unknown histories, and who come together in struggle.

The project took place as a series of collective workshops „for us by us“ with a wide range of artists presenting themselves on their own terms. Able to represent themselves outside the white gaze, the artists approached the experimental space of the project as a laboratory for sharing and reflecting on their experiences and ideas and as an occasion to develop collaborations with other QBIPOC individuals.

This international collaboration is made possible by Perform Europe. Perform Europe is an EU-funded project aiming to rethink how performing arts works are presented across borders in a more inclusive, sustainable and balanced way by testing new touring and distribution practices and providing policy recommendations for a future EU support scheme. This 18-month journey includes a research phase, launching a digital platform, testing a support scheme, and designing policy recommendations. 

Hexagon Theatre | Free, booking required

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Ahmad BaBa’s residency with SHOUT Festival & Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) is part of the ongoing research, exhibition and performance project "Embodied Temporalities - tracing the memories our bodies hold" produced by Oyoun cultural centre (Berlin, GER).

What memories do our bodies hold? What can our bodies tell us about ourselves, pasts, and futures? Through Embodied Temporalities – Tracing the memories our bodies hold, cultural practitioners explore identities, belonging and embodied memories through diasporic, decolonial and queer perspectives. It offers a community-centered approach for participants finding expression of experiences through movement while paving the way for collective healing. Embodied Temporalities is a research, archiving, exhibition and performance project under the artistic direction of Madhumita Nandi.