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'And before you can say damaged male ego, were holed up on a four foot square rock for the rest of eternity...'

When three Greek women defy the want of Zeus and are cursed with a deadly voice, the famous myth of the Sirens is born. But when they find out that the truth about them may have been a bit more than ‘tweaked’, they are catapulted to Hastings beach in 2019 with one mission: rewrite history.

Using breathtaking visual storytelling, stunning projections and a lot of feathers, Zoo Co’s award winning show Sirens sticks two fingers up at gender expectations and asks, when your voice is silenced, how do you stand up and shout out? 

⭐ Winner of the THREE WEEKS EDITOR'S AWARD Edinburgh Fringe 2018 ⭐

Sirens is creatively captioned and BSL inclusive. 

★★★★★ Three Weeks

★★★★ British Theatre Guide

★★★★ Deadline News

★★★★ LGBTQ Arts Review

★★★★ Arthur’s Seat

Fast-paced, imaginative and overflowing with relevant themes

British Theatre Guide

Original, funny and making theatre more casually inclusive

LGBTQ Arts Review

Zoo Co demonstrates a commitment to accessibility there other companies should look to emulate

Sirens is a fist-pumping feel-good display of girl power

Deadline News

A wonderfully entertaining show addressing important themes

Fringe Review

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