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As the adopted son of two fiercely committed leaders of their local neo-Nazi sect, Bryon Widner’s (Jamie Bell) life has been shaped in the shadow of the white supremacist movement. Covered head to toe in coded tattoos, Widner is a walking embodiment of the world in which he was raised, as he fills his nights with wanton acts of hate-fueled violence and fascist marches. But when he meets Julie (Danielle Macdonald), a single-mother looking to raise her daughters outside of the influence of the extremist movement, Widner is pushed towards the potential of a new life built outside the hate that has propelled him for so long. 

Following his Academy Award win for a short film of the same name, director Guy Nattiv tells the true story of Widner’s decision to finally leave the movement, with the aid of a rich ensemble cast including Vera Farmiga, Bill Camp, and Mike Colter. Depicting one man’s difficult path to redemption from the darkest corners of the human soul, Skin is a haunting story of redemption told with an authentic and deeply affecting eye.

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