Event Information

MAC Makes Music’s Solo JAM is an exciting opportunity for parents/carers and their child to have an individual 1-1 session with an experienced musician, specifically developing each child’s musical interests at a pace to suit them. 

The inclusive sessions are aimed at babies and young children with additional needs (including but not limited to; physical disability, learning disability, autism, sensory impairment). Each session will involve approximately 20 minutes of creative music making activities led by a professional musician.

What will you learn on this course?

This course is perfect for children who love to make music, play with sound, and experiment in a relaxed and nurturing environment. Alongside musical development, these courses aim to support personal and social developments for example; simple signing, vocal sounds, verbal and non-verbal communication.

Our JAM Courses are inclusive and subsidised by our Youth Music grant to champion musical inclusion. Children will explore a range of resources including: percussion and tuned instruments with activities tailored to their individual needs and interests, and using music technology to support and record sessions.

The activities will enable children to: 

• Explore a wide range of musical games - to encourage communication and social skills through team work. 

• Explore a wide range of songs - to help support beat and language acquisition, and vocal development.

• Develop movement, co-ordination and fine motor skills.

• Experience sensory stimulation through: listening, playing and identifying different instruments. 

When booking our courses, please complete the All About Me FormThis will provide us with the necessary information for our music leaders to plan the sessions to suit the group before the course starts.

Please note, children need to be accompanied by a parent or carer and we encourage all adults in the room to join in and to actively support their child’s involvement. 

All instruments and resources will be provided.