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The silence over the police killings of black people is now broken. What  happens next? Since 1969, over two thousand people have died at the hands of the police in the UK. Shootings, chokeholds, batons, gassing, suffocation,  restraint and brutal beatings are some of the methods used. The violence is uncontrollable. Inevitably police officers involved are not convicted for these deaths. 

In this documentary, the families of the victims of police violence demand justice. They ask why society ignores human rights abuses by agents of the state. Silence is also violence. This blow by blow account investigates a number of killings and follows the  relentless campaign of the families as they find out how their loved ones died at the hands of police officers. Powerful footage filmed and edited over a decade exposes how the political system condones the killings and fails the families in case after case.

‘Powerful and profoundly upsetting and essential viewing for the times in which we find ourselves living’ - Wendy Ide, The Observer

Followed by a panel discussion with the director, a member of the families represented in the film and other special guests TBC.

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