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Stans Cafe: Time Critical - Open Space  

This event is now closed
  • Duration300
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Wed 8 November, 1.30pm

Fellow professional theatre makers, of all persuasions, are invited to shape the future by joining together as a community for an ‘open space’ conference, hosted jointly by Stan’s Cafe and MAC. You set the agenda and discuss what you want to discuss on the topic of “How can we help theatre thrive here?”

This will be a follow on from the discussions that happened at Little Earthquake’s east meets west symposium. The key difference is that the open space has an open agenda and is the opportunity to talk about what you didn’t get chance to discuss at east meets west.

Nick Sweeting, from Improbablewho hold a large open space event for the UK theatre community every year called Devoted and Disgruntled, will attend the open space and chair the post show discussion on 8th November.

Ticketing Information

Performance only - £12 / £10 

Conference (Open Space) Only - £5 / £4 

Masterclass (Workshops) Only - £8 / £7 

Performance + Open Space - £15 / £12 

Performance + Masterclass - £18 / £15

Performance + Masterclass + Open Space - £23 / £18