Event Information

Part of the Eye Music, Arts Council-funded Tour

Drop in to our unique Colour/Music Sensory Installation in the Foyle Theatre and create your own world of colour and music through movement.

Large fabric "sails" fill the space and reflect and mix colours and light that you, the public, create yourselves. Our resident composer, David Stevens, will be in the Theatre Space to show you how to create whole orchestras of sound with just the movement of your hands, feet - or literally any part of your body - moving over special infra-red sensors.  Sound-paintings can also be played by moving your hands over the surface and you can “paint” rainbows of colour around the space.  

There will be a special performance by local Special Needs children from Calthorpe Academy of their own “Symphony of the Senses” on Saturday November 16th at 11.30am. Students will have learnt new techniques of dance, fabrics and music to create a sensory performance. Then the installation stays open all day for you to explore.

The school performances will be led by composer David Stevens with support from Eye Music Trust.