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This is an encounter of generations, legendary German percussionist and free-jazz pioneer Sommer meets Scottish saxophonist MacDonald…free jazz in all its glory…loose, intense, effervescent, celebratory and with “joie de vivre”

Günter ‘Baby' Sommer & Raymond MacDonald performances are characterised as charismatic, energetic, free-wheeling, joyous, wondrous and spontaneous music making that can electrify a room with subtle textures, fiery passion and glorious rhythms.  They have toured and performed to critical acclaim at festivals and jazz clubs in Portugal, Germany, Italy and the UK.  

Günter ‘Baby’ Sommer is a hallowed name in European improvised music and is regarded as one of the founding fathers of German free improvisation.  Raymond MacDonald is a founding member of the ground-breaking Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, and over a 30-year career, has worked with a host of outstanding musicians working across the spectrum of contemporary music, including Marilyn Crispell, George Lewis, Evan Parker, David Byrne and Jim O’Rourke.

Raymond MacDonald - alto & soprano saxophones

Günter "Baby" Sommer - drums & percussion

Seminar: Improvised Music and Free Jazz in Europe

Hexagon at MAC | 4 - 6pm | Tue 10 December | Free drop-in entry

Before the performance, in the afternoon, TDE Promotions and the Jazz Research Cluster at Birmingham City University will be running a seminar on aspects of improvised music and free jazz in Europe with particular reference to the scene in Berlin.  

Petter Frost Fadnes will talk about his work with pianist Alexander von Schlippenbach, Raymond Macdonald and Gunter Sommer will interview each other about their influences and Sarah Gail Brand will talk about her experience as an improvising trombonist in UK.