Event Information

Thurs 8 November| 3pm and 7pm | £10 - £7 (standard ticket prices includes show and exhibition)| Foyle Studio | 16+

One voice in your head says - "He said everything is OK".

The other asks - "Why do I feel sick...?"

With 1 in 3 women across the world experiencing sexual assault, this piece explores the non-linear journey of sexual assault recovery. The piece also considers how society perceives these issues, and the effect that has on those who have experienced sexual assault.

A multi-talented female trio of two singer-actors and a cellist use live music, movement and drama to explore recovery and shame, moving through a journey of denial, rejection and acceptance.

These performances mark the Rape and Sexual Violence Project's 40th anniversary.

Chloe Knibbs is supported by PRS Foundation's Women Make Music.

Following the performance, the audience are invited to a post-show exhibition of artwork by survivors and activists in the Deloitte Room.