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The Nile Hilton Incident  

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  • Director-
  • Rating15
  • Film genres-
  • Duration122
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This brilliant Egyptian thriller directed by acclaimed Swedish producer, journalist, animator and filmmaker Tarik Saleh (Tommy, Metropia) brings a Nordic noir sensibility to a Cairo story inspired by a real murder case. Police detective Noredin (Fares) is investigating a murder in the capital’s Nile Hilton Hotel. Initially, the amoral Noredin views the job as just another opportunity to pocket a few more bribes. But as he uncovers increasingly disturbing details that reach beyond the crime itself, this ambivalent anti-hero finds his conscience piqued. Excellent performances and an intelligent script elevate this drama from a conventional procedural to an excoriating portrait of systemic corruption, set – movingly – in the days before the 2011 Tahrir Square uprising.

15 | 107 Mins | 2017 | Arabic & French

Director:  Tarik Saleh
Cast: Fares Fares, Mari Malek, Yaser Aly Maher