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The Prince of Nothingwood + Random Acts  

This event is now closed
  • Director-
  • Rating15
  • Film genres-
  • Duration101
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A joyous and rousing portrait of Salim Shaheen, Afghanistan’s most popular actor, director and producer, who has made a record 110 films over 30 years. Radio journalist Sonia Kronlund had been covering the atrocities of war in Afghanistan for 20 years when she heard about Shaheen. Determined to finally tell a positive story, she followed the self-proclaimed ‘Prince of Nothingwood’ around the country as he worked on his latest project – a film about his escapades. This larger-than-life, Ed Wood-esque character, bred on Indian cinema and greeted by adoring fans wherever he goes, smuggles his war B-movies into town halls to the delight of transfixed audiences. Kronlund offers a fascinating behind-the-scenes account of the man’s life and work, and the art of filmmaking in a war zone. Shaheen’s ebullient creativity, despite the bombings and the Taliban’s constant threats, is the ultimate act of resistance against oppression.

15 (86 mins)

Director: Sonia Kronlund

Cast: Qurban Ali, Sonia Kronlund, Salim Shaheen

Farsi & French | 2017


I Dream of Zombies | Fri 19 Jan, 6pm & Sun 21 Jan, 2pm 

I Dream Of Zombies follows Jordan, a young man obsessed with zombies. His obsession isolates him as he retreats further into his fantasy, collecting weapons and preparing for the inevitable un-dead invasion. One morning, he wakes to find his dreams have come true; a hoard of the walking dead outside his house. Unable to contain his glee, he suits up only to realise not everything is as it seems.

**This film contains scenes of violence**

Sat 20 & Sun 21 Jan, 2pm | Super Citrus Force 

A crime-fighting duo have to stop an evil villain from objectifying women... LITERALLY! A combination of British surrealist comedy and Japanese special effects.