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No knowledge of music theory is needed for this creative network where like-minded folks meet and share ideas... similar to the creative buzz and team spirit of being in a band, but for grown-ups and without the long journeys to gigs in a transit van.

What will you learn on this course?

This course is a series of workshops that encourages songwriters to come out of isolation and enter a creative community based on peer-to-peer learning. This is a safe place and a hideaway from the commercial world, somewhere you can develop skills, share experiences, receive feedback and feel the benefit of a support network.

The Songwriting Circle is not an academic course and you do not need to have any knowledge of music theory or necessarily be able to play a musical instrument. It's a creative network of writers, a place for like-minded people to meet and share ideas. It is designed to stimulate and motivate your creative spirit. It involves participants playing their works in progress and receiving feedback from the group.

The Songwriting Circle was set up by singer songwriter Dan Whitehouse in 2010, inspired by a songwriting retreat he undertook with Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music). Dan leads the majority of the sessions, with sessional support from other songwriters: Jonny Amos, Michael Clarke, Helen Bentley, Heather Wastie, Tony Wille, and James Stanley.

This multi-led approach offers participants the opportunity to share a balanced perspective and vast array of songwriting techniques and approaches.

At the end of every term there is a showcase event at mac‘s Hexagon Theatre where every participant has the opportunity to perform a song to a public audience.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for adults aged 18+ years. It is open to learners of all levels. You can be an experienced songwriter looking for new ways to generate ideas or someone just starting out on their song writing journey.

The course is accessible for people with disabilities and a support worker or a carer may assist. Carers must book a complimentary ticket if attending a course to provide support. The room is wheelchair accessible. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Do you need to bring anything?

You don’t need to bring anything. All materials and equipment is provided.

Are there any additional costs?

There are no additional costs.

Who teaches this course?

Nicole Justice

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The three tutors that we have had during this term (yourself, Michael Clarke & Jonny Amos) have all brought different methods and experiences to the sessions, and I have learned greatly from all.- DS

A quick note so say I'm thoroughly enjoying the sessions so far. Haven't had as much fun in years. I've had a go at the task you set, to write a song with A & B sections with just two chords. Couldn't get away from a pre chorus though! And bass line within the two chords to add some movement. - MA

Since attending the songwriting circle in January 2017, I have written many songs and am recording 15 for release this year. The circle enabled me to explore the craft of songwriting and provided the opportunity to share my song ideas. The experience allowed me to meet many inspiring musicians and songwriters including its founder Dan Whitehouse. - Lindsey Edwards

I have been a member of the Songwriting Circle on and off for over five years. It has proved invaluable to be able to share one’s works-in-progress and creative ideas in such a safe and supportive environment. Dan provides timely advice and encouragement, getting the best out of everyone in the Circle. Above all, the Songwriting Circle is a spur to write more and better songs, and develops a faith in one’s ability as a songwriter and performer. - Bruford Low

Dates & Times

    The Songwriting Circle (MU01 Spring)