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“I’ll tell you something, this last year has made people like me a lot more visible...”

“My parents went to bed every night not knowing if bombs were gonna be dropped on them. This is nothing compared to that...”

“We did, we both watched it, the thing where that woman fed her husband to the tigers...”

MAC Associate Company Little Earthquake has been talking to older people in Birmingham to hear their perspectives on this “stolen year” of COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions — looking at what has been gained and what has been lost, thinking about how life has been better and how it has been worse, and what will change as a result of everything people have gone through.

They’ve covered everything from the pandemic’s impact on love, sex and relationships — via banana bread, Tiger King and Clap For Carers — through to the effect it’s had on personal beliefs (political as well as spiritual) and hopes, plans and fears for the future.

These conversations have been shaped into a unique audio experience for The Stolen Year, a theatrical installation which celebrates and shares the often-overlooked stories of Birmingham’s contemporary older generation during this intense period of global upheaval.

The installation has captioning and pre-recorded BSL interpretation running alongside the audio.


Part of MAC's Autumn 2021 Celebrating Age Season. Celebrating Age is supported and funded by Arts Council England and The Baring Foundation.

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