Event Information

Join writer AJ Black and his colleagues for two live podcast recordings celebrating two seminal TV shows of the 90s – The X Files and Millennium. A blend of standalone ‘monster of the week’ episodes and complex conspiracy multi-parters, The X Files was a genuine pop culture phenomenon that gave creator Chris Carter the clout to launch Millennium just a few years later, a show that readily delved into the darkest depths of the human psyche.

This unique event will focus on two exceptional episodes from both series - controversial 1996 X Files instalment Home, which was banned from being repeated on the Fox network after initial broadcast because of its disturbing content, and Millennium episode The Curse Of Frank Black, a Halloween themed instalment inspired by the 1965 Japanese ghost movie Kwaidan. Joining AJ and his co-hosts via virtual link-up will be Glen Morgan, the award-winning writer, director and producer whose creative partnership with James Wong helped fashion both the early years of The X Files and the entirety of Millennium’s second season. 

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