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Inspired by the digital world's quest to re-create life. Part Dance, Part video 'I INFINITE ' explores the boundaries between the artificial and real, the digital and organic world.

Graphic patterns slice through the space, glowing cubes fracture into a myriad of minuscule squares and pools of light hover in the air like oil on water. Captivating imagery and refined movement draw you within centimetres of our performers who moves between robotic isolation and liquid fluidity. Set in a white, digitally animated environment, I Infinite is a mesmerising meditation on the digital world's quest to re-create life.

Immerse yourself in I Infinite - a fascinating integration of live dance and digital technology and the everday melts away into a bravura haze of cosmic imponderables ★★★★

Mary Brennan, The Herald

An exquisite gem of a dance piece, combining elements of dance, theatre and installation. A totally immersive experience that you step into and leave yourself behind ★★★★

Claire Simpson, Fringe Review

Dance, Music, art and design clash in a mesmerising performance piece. A beautiful and sublime experience

Fused Magazine