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Where I Belong 

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  • Rating12A
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  • Duration123
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Izumi (Kento Hayashi), a lowlife thief cowardly targeting women and the elderly, goes on the run and finds himself stranded in the mountains of Miyazaki in southern Japan. Along one of the remote roads Izumi encounters an injured elderly woman, Suma (Etsuko Ichihara), and reluctantly comes to her aid. Indebted to Izumi for saving her life, Izumi takes in the homeless ‘good Samaritan’ and treats him like her own grandson, uninterested in his true identity. Can Izumi settle into a new life in the village, or will his secret wrongdoings in the past catch up with him?

A drama based on a novel by bestselling crime fiction writer Asa Nonami, Where I Belong is a beautifully meditative story set in a picturesque remote village in south Japan, exploring themes of human sin and redemption.

Directed by Shinji Azuma, 2017, 108 min, English subtitles

Image: © 2016 "Where I Belong" Production Committee