Black and white - two men with guitars face each other, one is playing and the other has crossed his arms. The text "A Night Of Glass" is in the centre below two spotlights.

About Dan Whitehouse: A Night of Glass with Gustaf Ljunggren

A musical journey into the heart of glass in its myriad manifestations

Over the past two years, acclaimed singer-songwriter Dan Whitehouse has been in a transparently reflective mood with three albums all themed around the physical and metaphorical nature of glass.

Songs and stories from these projects have now been gathered together for ‘A Night Of Glass’, a simple but hypnotic live experience in which, variously behind a piano or on guitar, Dan takes audiences deep into the heart of glass in its myriad manifestations. His expressively nuanced crystalline vocals, a hint of Bowie here, a touch of Cohen there, effortlessly mining a wealth of emotions and ideas. This is where the light gets in.

Dan is joined by special guest Gustaf Ljunggren (who co-produced and performed on all three albums). Lungrenn also brings music from his own Floreana album.

Gorgeous… intriguing

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Subtle and delicate melodies

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