Five women looking forwards - one with a rifle, another with a fist raised in salute.

About Gazebo Theatre: WANTED

In the midst of a time of uncertainty, division and political unrest, a young woman wrestles with her isolation and call to respond...

WANTED explores the stories of five extraordinary women.

Irena Sendler, who rescued over 2,500 children from the Warsaw ghetto during the Nazi occupation.

Olive Morris, British Black Panther and avid activist for women and squatters' rights.

Phoolan Devi, India’s fearsome Bandit Queen and Politician.

Dr James Barry, a woman way ahead of her time. 

Directed by Tonia Daley-Campbell and featuring Olivier Award nominee Alexia McIntosh (SIX), Dawn Butler, April Nerissa-Hudson, Rukmini Sircar and Pamela Cole-Hudson.

WANTED is played out in Gazebo’s inimitable style; powerful drama littered with humour, honesty and heart. 

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