Text 'Queer My Throat by Generation Q' in the top left corner in an orange spiky circle. Artwork pictures of each artist in a circle against a black background. The artist's illustrations are: A person in a black shirt and black hat, a person with red hair and pink eyeshadow in a vibrant top, a person taking a selfie on a phone with brown long hair, a person in a wheelchair smiling with long blonde hair and their arms open, a person in a cowboy hat and sunglasses with a red feather boa, a person in a cowboy hat with black curly hair, a person with red short hair and blue eyes. On the right is a microphone being held in a hand with rainbow colours, with the text 'Make Some Noise' and an orange star in the background.

About Generation Q: Queer My Throat

Queer My Throat is Generation Q Collective's new gig theatre show. A loud and proud musical journey through our history, climaxing in queer joy!

Don't be a drag, apply some glitter, move your hips and make some noise.

Generation Q is run by Queer theatre maker, Hannah Phillips. Find out more.

Dates and times