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About Summer exhibitions: Opening party

Fri 21 June, 6pm - 8pm | Free entry, drop-in | All welcome

Join us to celebrate the opening of our new exhibitions, as part of our Motherhood Season. Speeches will begin at 7pm in KILN.

Acts of Creation: On Art and Motherhood
First Floor and Arena Galleries

Hayward Gallery Touring's major exhibition Acts of Creation, curated by Hettie Judah, plunges into the joys and heartaches, mess, myths and mishaps of motherhood through over 100 artworks, from the feminist avant-garde to the present day.

Tereza Buskova: Hidden Mothers
Terrace Gallery

Hidden Mothers features a video and objects created as part of the artist's project of the same name, aiming to empower women, especially migrant mothers facing isolation, and celebrate them through rituals and folklore from various cultures.

Kaye Winwood: Who Cares?
Community Gallery

Curated by Birmingham artist Kaye Winwood in collaboration with mothers of disabled children from Balsall Heath CATS. Kaye and invited experts provided safe environments to help each caregiver integrate self-care into their daily routine. The exhibition presents their creative journey in objects, words and images.

Janine Antoni, 2038, 2000.

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