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Various artists including; Trevor Appleson, Sarah Maple, David Batchelor, Mahtab Hussain, Nick Waplington and Sarah Silverwood

50 Years On: The Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies

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  • Date Archived
  • LocationArena Gallery
  • TimesAs per building

Despite being closed in 2002, the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies has become a name that is recognised around the world. Yet in the city from which it came it remains largely unknown. Featuring the work of eminent artists including Trevor ApplesonDavid BatchelorMahtab HussainSarah MapleSarah Silverwood and Nick Waplington, this exhibition explores how, post-closure, the Centre continues to be relevant and influential today.

There will be a number of events as part of 50 Years On: The Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies (CCCS50) project taking place at University of Birmingham. See below for more information.

Back in the CCCS Exhibition: 2 Jun - 30 Jul, Bramall Music Building
CCCS50, Archival Exhibition: 10 - 29 Jul, Muirhead Tower, Foyer
Conference: CCCS50, 24-25 Jun, Arts Building, Main Lecture Theatre