Event Information

The American artist Robert Therrien is internationally renowned for his monumental sculptures that transform everyday objects into fantastical installations. The spectacle of the colossal artworks he creates - as in No Title (Table and Four Chairs) or No Title (Stacked Plates) - provoke extraordinary and unforgettable experiences and demand attention to domestic objects usually overlooked. These playful allusions evoke childhood memories and invite audiences to bring their own narratives to animate the artist’s conjured world.

Robert Therrien’s work and the collaboration with ARTIST ROOMS is at the heart of mac‘s summer 2014 programme. This includes work with mac's ARTIST ROOMS Next Gen Youth project, tasked with encouraging new visitors to the exhibition. See below for details of some of the associated events and activities, which include workshops, film, performances and artist residencies.

Robert Clark, Art Critic, Guardian  said: 'Kids play under tables, while adults eat off them and conduct interminable meetings sitting at them. Robert Therrien's No Title (Table and Four Chairs) is simply what it says on the tin, but enlarged to surreal proportions......An accompanying pile-up of giant plastic plates No Title (Stacked Plates) and a stainless steel oil can No Title (Oil Can) can look like a model for some modernist tower block. Therrien is a big kid, reliving the primal delight of the world.' (Guardian Guide 21 Jun, 2014).