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Plan International UK presents Brave: The Girls of South Sudan, a photography exhibition by Kate Holt,  showing girls’ everyday lives as they survive in the world’s youngest country.

The girls of South Sudan have faced it all. Conflict, violence and hunger. And they are still just teenagers. See their lives in this powerful exhibition with photography by award-winning photographer Kate Holt.

Since independence in July 2011, armed conflict, economic insecurity and chronic underdevelopment in South Sudan has led to one of the world’s greatest humanitarian crises, with over 4 million people displaced and 7 million without enough food to eat. As the girls in this exhibition will tell you, hunger remains a daily challenge. From struggling to breastfeed to not being able to concentrate in school, not having enough to eat affects every part of their lives.

Plan International UK is a global children’s charity. They work to ensure every child has the same chance in life. When disaster strikes, they are there, on the ground helping those in need. In South Sudan, Plan International UK and the Disasters Emergency Committee have been providing lifesaving seeds and tools so communities can grow their own crops and provide for their families.

Nominated three times for the Amnesty Award for Humanitarian Reporting, Kate has worked extensively throughout Africa and Afghanistan for the last 15 years. As well as covering news events, like the Kenyan Election Crisis in 2008 and return to war in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2008 and 2012, she has also committed to longer term projects in Somalia. In 2011 she was embedded with African Union Troops from Uganda and Burundi while they recaptured Mogadishu and trained the soldiers how to take photographs. She spent several years in Afghanistan, between 2009 and 2012 covering the elections and surge in military support by the coalition troops and was embedded with troops from both the UK and US.

She works throughout Africa and the Middle East, with an increasing emphasis on training and building the capacity of others to tell their own stories. As a regular contributor to The Guardian she continues to document important stories that are often missed by mainstream media. She also works with soldiers who have served in both Afghanistan and Iraq, documenting their struggles with daily life after the frontline, and has become a Trustee of Team Rubicon UK, an organisation that helps ex-service men and women find purpose after leaving the military.

Image © Kate Holt /Plan International UK