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Award-winning photographer, Andrew Jackson has been commissioned to create a new series of work exploring identity, migration, memory and family. Following a visit to Jamaica in 2017, he investigates the identities of Jamaican Diaspora since the post-war migration to Britain, and the lives of second and third generation migrants born here.

'No one on that ship...thought we'd be leaving home forever, but when my father hugged me on the dockside, for some reason, I knew I'd never see him again as I had never seen him cry before. I still see my father; you know, in my mind at least... after all these years...but I can't see his face. No matter how hard I try... I never see his face.' Amy Jackson, Artist's Mother.

This exhibition is kindly supported by Arts Council England and The Roughley Trust.

Andrew Jackson was also selected for the Autograph ABP 2018 Light Work Artist-in-Residence program in Syracuse, New York, enabling him to produce the works on show in From Small Island.

Riverhouse, Kingston Jamaica © Andrew Jackson

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