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Green Lens is a project that invites young people across Birmingham to voice the green issues that matter to them, locally or globally, through the medium of photography. Environmental issues have a greater sense of urgency than ever, and young people stand to inherit a world that could be radically different to the one we currently live in.

Collected through an open, city-wide submission process this Summer, the 8 artists exhibited have highlighted the issues that concern them most, the environmental changes they are witnessing on their own doorsteps and those that affect people and wildlife internationally. The photographs are accompanied by their own words and the stories behind the work.

The impact of global warming, effects of excess consumption, poor air quality, food poverty and lack of access to green spaces highlight these immediate and pressing threats to the future of humanity. Yet there are also glimpses of hope and of positive changes we can all enact, including the reduction of food waste, recycling and the tenacity of nature to thrive in our post-industrial city.

Enter your own photographs into the Green Lens online archive and tell us about the green issues that matter to you by using the hashtag #greenlens on social media or by uploading at www.greenlens.org.uk

Two associated workshops will take place on Saturday 22 September and Saturday 6 October. Explore the green issues that are important to you while learning new skills from one of Birmingham's leading photographers, Kate Green. No experience or fancy equipment necessary, just bring yourself and your phone / tablet! https://macbirmingham.co.uk/event/green-lens

Green Lens is organised by ecobirmingham (http://ecobirmingham.com) in collaboration with Ampersand Projects. (www.ampersandprojects.org)

Image: Alice Evans

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