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Experience how songs grow from an embryonic idea, passing phrase or whistled melody, to fully formed musical productions, crystallised on magnetic tape or vinyl.

This fun and interactive exhibition allows audience members to listen to the different song stages, while observing the songwriting process. Get involved by strumming, pushing buttons and listening.

Life of a Song features work from four Songwriting Circle students: Danielle Cawdell, Elena Thomas, Chris Cleverley and John Meehan, alongside course leader Dan Whitehouse and other Songwriting Circle participants.

Current participants will be performing at the Songwriting Circle Showcase this July. To book see further information below.

made at mac is an ongoing series of exhibitions that showcases the work created by course participants and the richness of their learning experience. Since 1962 mac has provided opportunities for people from all backgrounds to see, hear and, most importantly, make art. These exhibitions celebrate and recognise the creative talents of both the Artist Tutors and their students.

Participant photography: Kate Green

Podcast interview

Catch up with Songwriting Circle students Danielle Cawdell, Elena Thomas, Chris Cleverley and John Meehan and course leader Dan Whitehouse as they discuss their songs in depth here.

The podcast is written and presented by James Sandy and is A King of the Buttons Production 2016 for mac birmingham.

Directed by Kate Green

Participant compositions