Event Information

Welcomes can be big or small, warm or polite, given or received. Whether a splendid red carpet or a humble welcome mat, welcomes are the extension of an invitation to enter, connect and engage - to become a part of something.

Illustrated Brum present One Hundred Thousand Welcomes, an exhibition showcasing collected welcomes from Birmingham and beyond. The project has instigated creative, cultural and social engagements across the city, ready to be collated and shared in mac birmingham’s Cinema Corridor Gallery.

Specially-commissioned limited edition prints by artists with a connection to the city are on display, interpreting words at the core of Illustrated Brum’s practice: see, play, make, unwind, connect & discover.

The space will evolve throughout the exhibition, presenting submissions from visitors in response to an ongoing open call-out. Alongside an ever-expanding welcomes archive, IB will be continually adding to a collaged wall of images and text which visualises the projects growth and development.

The design of the space reflects Birmingham’s places and spaces, such as Central Library, The Mailbox and even mac’s very own Hexagon Theatre, setting a graphic backdrop for a documentation of their findings in a physical space whilst emulating the experience of their online blog.

The exhibition seeks to welcome anyone who has a relationship with Birmingham or is interested in creating one, as sometimes a welcome back can be just as important as an initial hello, and sometimes it takes the eyes of others to show us the marvellous things that lie right under our noses. 

Exhibiting Artists: Nathan HackettMathew Parkin, The Loft (design by Rohait GangerTony Parkash), Charlie FothergillMadison Shackell-YorkLouise Payton.

Illustrated Brum is a creative partnership between Birmingham-based artists Louise Byng & Sarah Isaacs. They collate visual anecdotes of relationships with the city, instigating new dialogues and fresh ways of thinking through creative interventions.