Event Information

Artist Matthew Murray has created a photographic odyssey, an epic series of landscape works made over a period of four-and-a-half years.   This exhibition at mac is the premier of this work which will be accompanied by a publication, symposium and newly commissioned writing.

Murray involves the viewer in a series of challenges; aesthetic, emotional, and perhaps even moral.  If we look at the pictures without knowledge of the location – and the tragic historical events that took place there – our initial response to the brooding, picturesque terrain may be purely aesthetic. This location seems untouched by human intervention. Murray captures its changing moods under glowering skies, creating impressions, partly real and partly generated through the photographic process. We seem to be in a dream world as much as a real place.  In this work Murray occupies a position within a lineage of landscape artists stretching back hundreds of years.

The project is supported by GRAIN Projects, Arts Council England, Gallery Vassie, mac Birmingham, Pirate Design and the University of Gloucestershire.

Image Credit: Greenfield Brook, Saddleworth Moor © Matthew Murray/Galley Vassie. All rights reserved.